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Why work at Dow AgroSciences?

Growth and Meaningful Innovation

It's always fun to be part of a growing company, and DAS is definitely in high growth mode. We never stop moving forward. Each breakthrough is celebrated by working on another. We are constantly turning science into the innovative solutions of tomorrow. Since 2002 we have received nearly 100 U.S. patents representing some of the most prominent advancements in agriculture. And we currently have more than 30 concepts in our robust discovery pipeline.

  • We will help revolutionize yield protection in corn with SmartStax™, the industry's first-ever eight-gene stack, which incorporates our HERCULEX® XTRA Insect Protection.
  • We are working to enhance the performance of herbicide-tolerant crops by launching a new Dow AgroSciences herbicide tolerance trait for corn, cotton and soybeans in the near future.
  • We are at the leading edge of highly precise, targeted plant gene modification using zinc finger protein technology, which will accelerate the development of crops with enhanced traits and performance-enhancing features.
  • We are developing a new insecticide for the large sap-feeding insect control market segment using a novel class of chemistry. This novel insecticide lacks cross-resistance in insects resistant to existing chemistries.

We've also made a number of acquisitions over the last 4-5 years as further commitment to our biotechnology growth.


Why Choose Dow AgroSciences?

Dow AgroSciences offers all of the advantages and opportunities of a global company, with the flexibility and personal career support you might expect from a family firm.

Many people have spent their entire career with Dow AgroSciences. That's because we are dedicated to helping you build the career you want, focused on your interest and strengths. As a global company, we have diverse opportunities for new college graduates as well as experienced professionals. Your career may take you across functions or around the globe.

Your opportunities here are truly limited only by your ambitions and vision. As you grow in your career, we will celebrate your successes by recognizing your accomplishment and paying for performance.

Learning and Development

At Dow AgroSciences, we recruit the best people, provide the best training in the industry and then offer you the ongoing support you need to grow in your career. And our training program doesn't stop after your first year with us, but continues throughout your career. Some of the tools we have include:

  • Personalized integration coaches upon hiring
  • Detailed yearly Performance Management Plans
  • Individualized Employee Development Plans
  • 360° feedback (this is mandatory for leaders)
  • Ongoing education and training programs
  • Formal and informal mentoring programs
  • Employee Networks